"Tony is an example of a "best practices benchmark" for executive recruiting. He's mastered both the sales and engagement aspects of recruiting. Extremely professional and knowledgeable, Tony is skilled at understanding the critical components of a role, evaluating candidate qualities and bringing the two together."

Kim Besse
Vice President, Human Resources, Children's Medical Center Dallas

'Tony provided recruiting leadership for the organization that supported my technology hires, and he personally was responsible for all executive hires. Tony is extremely professional, easy to work with and results oriented. He has always been very successful in any endeavor that he takes on."

Derrell James
Group President and EVP, ACS

“Tony is exceptional at paying attention to the details of his client’s requirements, hunting down rare talent, and building rapport with candidates. His approach is clearly focused on getting the right person for the right job at the right price.”

Rick Berg
Executive Search, Humana


"I have known Tony since 1998 and had the privilege to work with him at Perot Systems. I would recommend Tony to anyone who is looking for assistance in filling a senior executive role. Tony understands the IT outsourcing and healthcare business industries and most importantly, works diligently to understand the culture of an organization to ensure the appropriate candidates are identified. Tony's character and professionalism is above reproach and he is a tireless worker who takes pride in his ability to satisfy the needs of his clients."

David Dawson
Regional Vice President, Health Management Systems

“In this rush-rush world, it is refreshing to have Tony Cinello as a colleague. He understands the ebbs and flow of business and delivers talent to propel companies forward. Tony's passion for people and for their sustained success is boundless. My respect for Tony runs deep - his work ethic, engaging conversation, and abundant camaraderie are the epitome of professional excellence.”
   Mitch Byers
   Human Resources Director, JDC Healthcare Management

“Tony provides absolutely incredible service to my team. As a conduit to numerous highly qualified candidates for senior sales executive roles he was integral to rebuilding a strong team during a difficult time of transition.”
   Jeff Kane
   Vice President, Vantage Data Centers

“Tony Cinello's work ethic and integrity are of the highest caliber, and he is one of the finest people I have had the good pleasure of knowing in my 20+ years in the IT Industry.”
   Mark Ramirez
   Senior Partner, Accenture

“Tony is a results oriented professional with superior listening skills. He is diligent, tenacious and focused in his efforts. I have known and worked with Tony for more than 16 years and highly recommend him.”
   Christopher Nabors
   Executive Director, Dell Services

“Tony is one of the most professional, hard-working, consistent and exceptionally bright people I have ever had the privilege to work with. In every case of problem-solving, whether tactical or strategic, Tony has been creative, helpful and most importantly, considerate of other people and processes that could benefit or be impacted by his counsel.”
   David Birmingham
   President and CEO, Virtual Machine Intelligence

“Tony Cinello is the most dedicated and results oriented corporate executive search professional we have ever had the pleasure to work with—-and we've worked with a lot. He is highly skilled in acquiring proven individuals that can address an organization's most pressing business challenges. Without his efforts—-which were above and beyond the call of duty, it would have not been possible!”
   Jim Leverette
   President, Randall James Monroe, Inc.

“At the risk of over-simplifying I would share the following perspective: Tony's passion for finding the perfect synergy between company and candidate will ensure the quality of each search he undertakes, the compatibility of each candidate he presents and the complete satisfaction of each client he represents.”
   Kristi Lyon
  Global Talent Acquisition Strategist and Program Manager, Dell Services

“I highly recommend Tony Cinello. If your organization is looking to add quality resources or if you are looking for someone to represent you to a new opportunity, Tony will differentiate his service from other firms. He brings tremendous energy, deep knowledge and a fresh approach to his client relationships. Commitment, integrity, passion, quality, and great service all define Tony.”
   Mike Bunch
   Managing Director, CTGHS

“I have never met anyone in my professional career with more integrity and rock solid core values. This, coupled with his incredible zeal and enthusiasm for what he does, makes him a very special colleague to work with. There are not enough superlatives for this highly motivated professional. Tony would be successful in any line of work he chose.”
   Mark Layer
   Director, Dell Services

“Tony Cinello is a trusted friend and someone I am proud to call my mentor. My nickname for Tony is the "passionate pioneer" because he is very passionate about his work as a leader in the recruiting industry. He is easily one of the top-tier recruiting professionals in the industry.”
   Jim Schnyder
   Talent Acquisition Manager, PepsiCo

“Tony Cinello consistently represented the organization with the utmost professionalism, integrity, and passion without compromising the best interest of the company, associates, and/or outside candidates. He always delivered on what he committed to do, no matter what challenges were presented.”
   Tim Zeleny
   Director Human Resources, Dell Services







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